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Rachel & Jeffrey 2006


March 17th, 2008

No sleep for me! Once again I'm tired, but just can't seem to fall asleep. It must run in the family, my mom seems to have the same problem. I bet she's up reading this right now and if she's not she got lucky tonight. I sure wish I could sleep! My mind just keeps going and going...

We are actively trying to get pregnant again and my period is due in five looooong days and I'm praying really hard that "this time" it won't come. We've tried unsuccessfully many times before, but I'm really hoping that this time will be different. Maybe because I want it really bad or just because I'm faithfully using my fertility monitor, it will be different this time and we will have a baby. Atleast this is what I tell myself everyday as I wait for the dreaded day that my period starts. It's hard to shut off my mind when I keep thinking, what if... Well, I guess I'll know soon enough won't I. 

December 9th, 2007

To bake or not to bake...

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Rachel & Jeffrey 2006

I'm sitting here watching made for tv Christmas shows and trying to decide what to do today. Should I bake cookies, make candy or do absolutely nothing? Hmmm...What to do what to do? Maybe I should wrap gifts or shop on-line, I just can't decide. Usually when I can't decide I just end up parked on the sofa and before I know it the day is gone! I better get busy soon. 
OK, so I haven't made it into the kitchen yet; I tend to get sidetracked fairly easy and somehow I ended up outside hanging Christmas lights on the house instead. How this happened I just don't know! I've been feeling like the grinch all week since all of the surrounding homes are covered in lights and ours has been dark. I was hoping that my dear hubby would come home from his TDY and feel the same and generously offer to cover our house in lights and make it the most beeeeautiful house on the block...Not happening!!!
He's been at the golf course since 7:30am and I seriously doubt that he is thinking of our poor dark house with no Christmas spirit.  If I want something done I guess I have to do it myself!!  (and I did.) Now my house is happy and so am I!

Now off to the kitchen to cook dinner. (What a super wife I am!)

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